CURRENT Revival/Reformation Ministries


This section focuses on current ministries and ministers of note around the world. In some cases it may be debated about whether they are involved in a revival per se (please see
Defining Our Terms), but they clearly carry a powerful anointing of the Holy Spirit.  Many of these travel frequently or are located in several areas, or a large area, and therefore might not be pinpointed on our global current revival map.

In Alphabetical Order

Christ For All Nations founded by
Bonnke, Reinhardt has an incredible history of extremely effective evangelism with signs and wonders following.  As with any notable revival preacher (in history), his ministry and the validity of the miracles are often attacked or met with disbelief.  However, we instead see strong evidence of the Holy Spirit at work!  He attracts enormous crowds, especially in Africa, and often there are hundreds of thousands of conversions or stated commitments to Christ.  Please see the
Current Revivals page, and go to the Nigeria map marker to see a video of one such crowd of millions of people at a single conference. The "baton" is being passed to Daniel Kolenda, now president and CEO of CFAN.
Crusade info - Bonnke and CFAN
Daniel Kolenda's website 

Hattingh, Suzette - has a global ministry based in Germany and England.  She was on Reinhardt Bonnke's intercessory team, and is now a powerful evangelist with signs following, with her main focus on Asia.
Video 1
Video 2 

Hinn, Benny
- is America's most controversial major healing evangelist; but we see a man who is dedicated to God; we also see the Holy Spirit at work in awesome power wherever he preaches.  If you go to the
Current Revivals page and open the map marker for Uganda, you will see on the video an example of manifestations that are not merely the result of the power of suggestion!  Many documented miracles have been recorded.  As with Reinhardt Bonnke, the crowds at Hinn's crusades around the world are astounding, and many are converted to Christ.

Mantofa, Philip - is an evangelist in Indonesia who is affecting millions of lives in Asia through his powerful preaching accompanied with many signs and wonders.  Please see the Indonesia marker on the
Current Revivals map for more info.
Mantofa's Facebook page
A life-changing rally   

Sorger, Matt - is an American evangelist (still little-known in the US) who has traveled through many countries of the world with powerful impartations at his meetings. 
Youth Revival in Columbia
Matt Sorger Ministries home page
Matt Sorger interview with Sid Roth
A powerful meeting in India



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